Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Carter Update

For all of you that emailed and ask how our newest little guy is doing .... he's doing great! Thanks for all the prayers and uplifting messages, and for caring.

This evening I went to visit him, .... and I got to hold him. I rocked him and told him how loved he is, and I hummed the very same song I hummed to his Daddy almost twenty-seven years ago, in the very same hospital NICU. I told him that his Mommy and Daddy love him and they miss him. I told him he has a big brother named Luke that would love to see him. Would you believe, he opened his little eyes a few times and grunted. The pictures make him look much bigger than he really is. His head is the size of my fist, and I have small hands. He has a lot of hair and looks so funny with all that hair on that little head. He's going to need a haircut soon!

I'll be taking pictures every evening of Carter (for his Mommy), and in about two weeks when they start attempting nipple feedings, I'll get to feed him on the days his Mommy can't be there.

Be Blessed Everyone.