Thursday, January 10, 2008

Three Little Monkeys

We ask the kiddo's what they wanted to do this evening before they went to bed and they all three said that they wanted to jump on our bed. Of course we were in our bedroom heading towards theirs, and the big soft bed just lured them in. Yes, that is Sam wearing one blue glove and one white sock on his hands and has Meg's pink "make-up purse" on his arm. He's a free spirit and anything goes. He lost his pants along the way too.
Meg and Jay were down more than they were up! Three jumpers at one time makes it hard to stay up. Mr. Dairy Wife and I each stood on one side and literally caught them as they jumped.
It's Sam the clown. Down on the floor here. We had a gymnastics lesson of rolling thrown in as well.

It's Jay's turn to roll. Mainly he just wanted his picture taken. He's very "cheesy" and loves the camera. Instant twinkles and smiles when he sees it coming!
We caught a little cuddle time as well.
Jump Jump Jump! Man, what I would give to have that energy!
Be Blessed Everyone.