Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Carter Update

I visited my newest little guy, that is my favorite at the moment this evening, and he is doing wonderful.

He no longer has an IV for fluids and they've upped his calories and he is just the cutest little thing. His weight is back up to 2.14 and he's no longer losing weight. His face is starting to round out again. It's amazing how just a few ounces in kiddo's this size can make a difference how they look.

He wore real people clothes for the first time today .... a little blue "very preemie" sleeper that fit him perfectly. His hands are so little that I can't really see a finger nail. They still won't wrap all the way around my finger. Meg's baby dolls are lots bigger than Carter is right now.

I guess in three years I've actually forgotten just how teeny tiny my threesome were when they were born. It's like when you're pregnant and you feel the baby move ... then once they're born you can't remember that feeling. Same with labor.

I held him for about thirty minutes and cuddled him and talked to him, and he stayed awake for the longest time. It was heaven when I was holding him. You know that feeling that tickles in the pit of your stomach and takes your breath away when a new puppy licks your face .... that's the feeling! I'm so in love!

Tomorrow is Carter's Mommy's birthday and she has a nice big present waiting for her, from her two boys, when she goes to NICU tomorrow! Carter whispered in my ear just exactly what to do for his Mommy! Then he winked at me, like we had a big secret, and then snuggled against me and went back to sleep.

I'll be taking pictures tomorrow of this handsome little guy in his new duds, so you'll get a peek at how much he's changing.

Be Blessed Everyone.