Monday, January 14, 2008

FarmHouse Kids Photography by Tanya Siekman

I am officially open for business. I'm really excited about this newest venture in my life, and am very happy that I have the support of Mr. Dairy Wife. Well, most of his support anyway. Some of his support is still skeptical on how I'm going to swing it all ..... and I still don't have my little "schoolhouse" studio yet. We're still working on the ends and outs of that. (he takes a long time to think when it's not something he wants or it's not his idea .... sigh!) Men!

I'm only going to be taking pictures part-time, since I'm busy with the kiddo's and have a full time job. I'll be doing photo sessions in the evenings starting this late Spring, then Summer and Fall on our farm, and weekends now, on location. I'm looking forward to lots of Senior Pictures, babies, kids and families out here when the weather turns. For now though, I'm available on location weekends only.
Now how am I going to work this around three year old triplets? ..... I haven't figured that one out yet. I thought about making them full partners, but they declined, so instead my daughter Juli is going to help me out when I'm in a crunch.
Sooo, take a peek at my new photography website and let me know what you think. It's not 100% complete yet. I am still tweaking it, and the gallery isn't finished at all. I threw those pictures up there to make it work. Changes will be coming over the next few nights. ... That's my late night mission these days, and I'm slowly getting there. I'll also be adding another portal to house my "photo jewelry" and "FarmHouse Kids bling" on the same site down the road when I get this perfected. Hopefully soon!
Here you go! Turn your sound UP and get into it! Make sure you come back and let me know if you like it, or any ideas or suggestions you may have. I'm open for changes! Just don't tell me it's ugly .... I might cry.
Be Blessed Everyone.