Saturday, January 12, 2008

Miss Diva (pictures)

Again, Meg is not my favorite (well, she is one of the favorite kids) because lately she's the only one with pictures on here, besides Carter .... it's just that she's just the only one that doesn't run when I get my camera out. After their nap this afternoon, we redid the makeup and hair. She's still the one and only Diva/Princess/Belle/Cinderella/Queen woman around here! Trust me, if we tell her different ... we hear about it!

... and we hear about it some more.
We worship you Meg. Really we do. Smile bigger .... Mommy has the camera pointed at you.
Okay Meg .... I know when I get "the look" ... you can stop posing now! Mommy is finished!
Be Blessed Everyone.