Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wings of Compassion

After sitting here for a few days buried in Ice and Snow, sometimes without electricity and without the Internet .... I doodled. Then I thought. Then I put some thought into my doodle ... and I made a new blogger award. I made this award with one particular person in mind.
Many years ago, long before I started blogging, I met this young girl. She was pretty carefree, with a kind heart and a very sweet nature. She was also just a teenager, and like most teenagers, pretty much into herself. Just like most of us were when we were teenagers. She was just an ordinary kid. Well, maybe she wasn't ordinary, because she was a child of God. She was a Christian and a good kid. Her smile radiated her whole being, and she lit up and let her presence be known. This was a good thing.
She graduated from high school and college and still didn't know what she wanted to do with her life. Sometimes she was a little too "good-hearted" and would do unto strangers more than she should have at times. She took the motto, "give more than you take" to heart and gave lots more than she ever took. She was always there to lend a hand and help, and sometimes she got her heart trampled on. But she always bounced up with a smile on her face.
I've watched her grow over the last few years, and especially in this last year. She married. She became a Mother, and she became "A Heart at Work!" Her heart is truly full these days.
This once girl, has blossomed into a beautiful woman. She is all the words I put onto this award. She is integrity, spirit, faith, hope, kindness and good ... and I love her. I love her because she is family, but mainly I love her because of who she is and what she is doing with her life. She is a tremendous Mother to her child and she is anchoring her marriage tightly. She is now sure of herself and she is beautiful .... inside and out. She is flying high with her "Wings of Compassion" .... and I can say, what I see the most in her .... is happiness.
I'm first giving this award to my niece Amanda. Now she has a blog, and you can visit her here. You can see her smile and read what she writes. I love you Amanda! It's up to you now to pass this on to three bloggers that also fly high with compassion! Send it out into the blogging world and link it back to both you and me.
I'll be passing this on to a few more people, but I wanted Amanda to receive it first. And to anyone else out there, please feel free to take this and spread the Compassion!
Compassion is the ultimate and most meaningful embodiment of emotional maturity. It is through compassion that a person achieves the highest peak and deepest reach in his or her search for self-fulfillment. --Arthur Jersild
Be Blessed Everyone!