Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Star is Born

Meet Sam. Super-Star Sam. He's a basketball star. All thirty-five inches and twenty-eight pounds of him. He can slam dunk his "Pooh ball" right along with the best of them. He's got it going on. Notice the hands? Right in sync with the dunk!
He know just how to slam em. He also is a "ball hog." He won't share and makes his team mates cry. But he's talented. He can dribble like a pro!

He's so good, he just rises on his tip toes .... aims and shoots, and it's a two-pointer straight down the middle. Wilt Chamberlain didn't have anything over on Super-Star Sam.
Just like a celebrity .... he stops and poses.

Ball in hand .... he's going to pivot and shoot! Up in the air he goes. He's off the ground and he shoots!
.... and he scores!
Sam's Umple Darrel came over this evening and played basketball with Sam. Umple Darrel was trying to show Sam a few moves ... but Sam already knew them. Umple Darrel has to bring his own Winnie the Pooh ball next time ... cause Sam don't share! Cause he's a Super-Star!
Be Blessed Everyone.