Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bob on the Brain! (God help me)

Yes, Bob is still on the Brain! Mine, Jay's, Meg's and mainly Sam's! This morning when I took the kids to preschool the electric company people had about four trucks blocking the road while they were setting new utility poles on our road.

Before we ever left home, Sam was so excited. He got all the way out to the car, and then he suddenly stopped and turned around and ran back up the sidewalk to the door. He forgot his hat! ... and as we all know, Bob always wears his hat!

He had to have the hat because Bob the Beel-Dor wears a hat and he was going to see Bob and Liftie. Liftie had Bob up in the air in a bucket, and Sam was going to watch him. Sam was even going to work with him. (so he said) I parked the car sideways in the road so the kids could see, and we watched Bob work like we have every morning this week before preschool. Bob is quite amazing! He's on TV, and he works on our road too! Bob is quite an talented guy! Oh how I love that Bob!
This morning Bob even came over to the car and spoke to the kids. Sam was blushing and was so excited that his ears and cheeks were bright pink, and he couldn't even bring himself to talk to Bob. It's not every day, that Bob and his helpers stop what they are doing and come and talk to you. Even if they're coming to tell you that they cut your telephone line in half accidentally and your telephone doesn't work anymore.
So we sat there and watched Bob work for a good little while. The whole time Sam was mesmerized. I thought for a brief moment that no way could I take his Bob movie away from him. He loves it so much. No matter how tired of living, eating and thinking Bob I am. I could, however, just hide Bob for a few days. So tonight folks, that what I did. I hid Bob the Builder on top of the TV ... up so high that Sam couldn't possibly reach it.
Then as I sat here blogging my little heart out .... I heard a little boy upstairs singing, "Bob the Builderrrrrr! Can you do it? Yes, we can!" Over and over I heard this. Then I heard banging and slamming and more banging. Then I heard Bob the Builder on TV. Bob the movie had somehow found it's way into the DVD player. It must be magic!
I tip-toed my way upstairs to see what was going on. For I knew that Marlboro Man was surely wide awake while on bedtime duty. Surely the man didn't shirk his duties and fall asleep!
Lo and behold when I opened the door .... what a sight did I behold! Lordy be! The bedroom light was on, Marlboro Man was sound asleep in the recliner. Meg was asleep in her bed, and Jay was asleep in his bed!
Bob's sidekick, Sam, was standing on the chair that goes to his cute little desk. The cute little chair was on top of Jay's bed! Sam was on tippy toes reaching to put a CD in the CD player on the top shelf! (thank goodness the shelf is bolted to the wall) He looked at me and said, "It doesn't work!" .... then he grinned. Then I grinned. Then I didn't have the heart to get upset with him. He knows I'm a sucker for that grin!
So now I'm sitting down here whistling ........... "Sam the builderrrrrr ......... yes, he can!" God help me! When I get this tune out of my head, I promise that I won't tell any more Bob the Builder stories! Never ever! Well, maybe .. if Sam is in them!
Be Blessed Everyone.