Saturday, March 15, 2008

They're Not My Children

Beautiful? Huh? You weren't with me today at Wal-Mart, the Restaurant, or the Veterinary office. I'm still mad at them. It's okay for me to be mad at them, as long as I still love them .... and I do.

What started out as a great day, considering that I still felt weak, woozy and am in considerable pain after surgery yesterday, ended with three screaming Hyena's that got put to bed.

The Littles needed a haircut. When Jay gets bushy ... he doesn't look good. So off to see Melissa we were going. One amazing thing that happened early in the morning here, is that I too had enough time to get showered, dressed and made-up for the day. That's a rarity with the busyness in our house.
Meg had her morning melt-down because she didn't get to put make-up on. It's a necessity these days since she turned three. Just a bit of powder and blush is all that she requires, and a touch of lipstick. But I didn't do it right to suit her. She caught on this morning that the containers were still closed and I was faking it! It's worked just fine that way for months now ... and today the scam was up. Meg got carried out to the car under her Daddy's armpit with her feet in the air. She wasn't a happy camper! Between the screams, we heard the words, "I don't like you!" Whoa! Those are fightin' words!
Melissa works wonders with the Littles and they anticipated the candy filled Easter eggs that they were going to get, and did great in the beauty shop. My shabby kids are now sporting great looking cuts and lots of candy. We're such good parents and feed our kids right. They had Ding-Dongs for breakfast, and jelly beans for snack!
Then off to the Veterinary office we went. I thought it would be a good thing if we all went in instead of sitting in the car and waiting for Marlboro Man to stand in there for twenty-five minutes and talk "Cow" to everyone .... so unbuckle and in we go.
Meg, who is the leader of the pack in the screeching department, and who is the most verbal announced loudly that it stinks in there. Then she remembered that she didn't have her make-up on. It wasn't pretty. The boys destroyed the waiting room and took every flyer they could find that had a picture of a dog on it. We ended up with about forty. Marlboro Man says that we won't be going back to the Vet office again.
We went to a pizza place buffet for lunch, and outside of the waitress having to clean up the floor for about forty minutes after we left ... it was uneventful. I think they were storing it all up for Wal-Mart.
I'd like to work for Wal-Mart for about five minutes. I'd make an executive decision across the board for every Wal-Mart in America .... to NOT put the candy at the cash register. I bet a single man with no kids designed the layout of the candy department, and I bet he has a hidden camera linked to every store and sits back there laughing at all the Mom's that give in. Next time I'm going to Target!
Be Blessed Everyone.