Monday, March 31, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Being that Spring is now here, and tomorrow is April 1st, and yesterday was a fairly decent day, outside of the wind chill .... and a little bit of rain. I ask Marlboro Man to "pa-leeze" take down the Christmas lights on the front porch. (No, I can not post a picture ... he might do me bodily harm with certain hands on a certain throat, or dismantle my beloved computer) Ah, hem! But, rest assured that I did take pictures! Against his will! ... plus I timed him! It took eight minutes, and that was with his three helpers out there with him. I'd love to show you a picture of how cute they looked in their coats, shorts and cow boots. But I can't. I value my life ... and the life of my camera and computer even more. What's a woman to do! **sigh**

Marlboro Man thinks I am way to picky. "Just relax and go with the flow ... it ain't nothing!" he says. But, I just can't. I just can't live with the neighbors driving by and thinking that we live like the Chevy Chase movies! I just can not do it. It's not that I'm uppity or anything, or even anal, it's just that Spring is here ... and normal people don't have their Christmas lights still hanging on the porch in April. Granted, we're a tad bit far from normal, but I know when I drive by a house in the Summer time and see Christmas lights hanging from the rafters, I kinda think to myself, "Ahhhhhh! ... those kind of people!" Well, I don't want to be one of those kind of people. Even if I live way out here on Green Acres, and only the neighbors and cows see us.

Marlboro Man, on the other hand is a little (lot) more laid back than me. He thinks, "Why, by-cracky-heck-fire, just leave 'em there!" After all, the year is half gone ... what's another few months. Maybe we can add a few little red and blue streamers and start gittin' ready for Independence Day .... or hang a few little Punkin's for Halloween, and before you know it ... it's Christmas time again! Then he reminds me that, "they're clear lights ... not even red. You can't hardly even see them." Boy, that man always has his thinkin' cap on! I think that's why I love him so much!

I really didn't think I was asking for too much ... after all, all the snow has melted and all the ice storms are certainly over for this year. Though, I do have to admit, they did look pretty good with two foot icicles hanging from them a few weeks ago. Then, we have the fact that we haven't plugged them in for ninety-six nights now. Not that I've been keeping count or anything! But, Christmas is over!

I can tell you one thing ... in a few more months when he asks if we should put up Christmas lights, I think I'll decline! .... and God forbid we invest in a blow up Santa! (I saw one in a yard last week ... and he was waving to me!)

Be Blessed Everyone.