Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have something to tell everyone. Being that I "really" don't know most of the few hundred of you all that read this blog everyday, and the fact that I can't keep a secret for the life of me. ... I thought I'd announce it here first.

As most of you know, I've been kind of ignoring my blog for the last few weeks. It's because I've been shell shocked with the most wonderful news. Yes, I can finally say it's wonderful after being so in denial and so overwhelmed after finding out. I still can't hardly believe it, and Marlboro Man is so shocked that he's not even hardly speaking. I'm sure he'll comprehend the news soon enough, and he too will adjust .... just like I am.

You know when you have your family complete and you find out that in a few months changes are going to happen, and you just don't know whether to be happy or sad, or upset ... laugh or cry? That is exactly what we've been going through here since the first of March.

The crying is over, and now I'm laughing, and I've adjusted to the fact. Mainly, I just thank the Lord that these kiddo's are three and a half, and they will be able to help some, or at least be a little more independent. I still just can't imagine how we're going to cope with three plus three more. Even putting it down on paper, and seeing the numbers still has me shaking in my boots and holding my head with disbelief. I guess ten really is my lucky number!

The Doctor told us when we first set out on this adventure that the chances of it working or the chances of having multiples again were so slim to none, that we felt like we were doing the right thing and went forward with it. The shock I felt this time was probably tenfold more than the day we found out we were having Sam, Jay and Meg.

I just hope that the Papparazzi doesn't get wind of this due to our age ... what are chances of a 50 year old woman having two sets of triplets within four years ..... and at my age! I definately do not want to end up on Oprah or Good Morning America.

I guess after all this rambling due to disbelief ..... you're still waiting for me to tell you the big news! I'm sorry, you know how I get so carried away when I start writing.

Anyway, here goes .... I am not pregnant with triplets again! I was only kidding! It's only Twins this time! Well, maybe I'm just joking and making all this up because I just remembered that today is April 1, 2008. MM wouldn't just be shell shocked .... he'd be passed out cold somewhere in a cow lot. Hope you all got a few good laughs today! Happy April Fools Day!

You can all pick yourself up off the floor now! Okay?!?