Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cute Kids

This is a very cute kid. I think he knows it. Can you tell? This is Luke, my Grandson. He's Carter's big brother and very much in charge. I drove over to visit them this afternoon ... and probably shouldn't have, but I felt better today and thought I was up for it.

Luke got out of his cage right before I left. You know I'm kidding don't you? It was a pretty day and he walked outside with me as I was leaving. In the span of three minutes outside, he waded through a muddy ditch, got soaked, and was a muddy mess. I think the kid is ready for Spring.

Then his Uncle Joey caught up with him. .... and this is priceless. They're both cute kids.

Luke's little baby brother Carter came home with me, and is spending the night. I'm so excited and wow, is it bringing back the memories of the every four hour feedings. But what's a Grandmother for! Luke is going to his other Grandmothers for the night, and their Mommy and Daddy are getting a night off.

Gotta run .... it's bottle time and I hear the little pip-squeak squealing! Oh, I just love it.

Be Blessed Everyone.