Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a Carter Day!

Hasn't he grown? He has fat rolls. I can't show you of course, but trust me .... they're there. Several of them, in several places. Carter was instantly hungry when we got home yesterday evening and wasn't really in the mood for picture taking. But being that is my priority, he had to wait to eat. Pictures come first in this house you know. I'll have to save the big photo session for tomorrow since he'll be here all day.

Marlboro Man brought the kids home and they were so excited. This was the first time they've seen Carter in "live person." They knew him from all the pictures, but they were in awe. Especially Jay. He just couldn't keep from loving on him. They all wanted their picture taken with Carter, but they each wanted to be by him. They couldn't get enough of him.
At bedtime last night I rolled Carter's little bassinet into their room. Sam ask him if he wanted to watch Bob the Beel-dor, and Jay wanted his bed rolled over beside his bed, so he could watch baby Carter.
Then Jay ask if we could have a baby like Carter ........ and we decided we'd better give him back before Jay gets any more bright ideas! When you're Grandma, there IS a return policy!
Be Blessed Everyone.