Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter - 2008

This morning The FarmHouse Kids woke up hearing the Easter Bunny. They heard him come in, and they were trying so hard to see him, but the Easter Bunny was very sly. He hopped into our house carrying the three "smallest" Easter Baskets that he could "legally and morally, and without guilt, get away with." He opened the door, came into our house, and left as quickly as he came. He hopped on down the bunny trail ... and The FarmHouse Kids heard him leave.

They ran downstairs as fast as they could, and found the three cutest little baskets they've ever seen. Each one had a soft fluffy bunny in it ... and lots of candy. The Easter Bunny is a very smart Bunny. When Mommy talked to him on the phone, she ask him to not bring any Chocolate .... and he didn't. He listened to her, and is giving the Chocolate to all the other kids.
The FarmHouse Kid's Mother just can't deal with Chocolate x 3. The Easter Bunny was heard muttering these words as he was leaving their house this morning, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" Then he sighed, shook his head and hopped away!
You would have thought that The FarmHouse Mom was asking for way too much, as she swept up a small trail of fuzz on the floor. In defense of the sisterhood, Miss Katie, the farmhouse dog, had nipped just a bit of Easter Bunny tail as he hurriedly scooted on out the door!
Be Blessed Everyone.