Monday, March 17, 2008

One Year of Blogging!

Today I've been blogging for one year here. Before then I didn't know what a blog was ... let alone how to do one. Boy am I a quick learner! I love my blog .. and my blog buddies. Marlboro Man just doesn't understand ... or get it. "How can you know someone that you don't know?" he says.

Well, I can. .... and I do. I've gotten to know quite a few people in the past year, and I've made some really good friends out here in blog land. Near and far. I love the emails I get, and the friends that I've made, and the ones that I chat with on the phone. Don't tell Marlboro Man ... please!

I've also gained a new perspective of my life. I've had a soul cleansing with the stories that I've written, and I've grown fonder of me! It's amazing how just writing things down really helps the spirit and soul. I started out keeping a "sort of scrapbook" of my kiddo's ... and ended up with a few post written directly to you! It's been a fun year, and hopefully I'll be a blogger for many years to come.

So Happy Blogoversary to me! .... and please don't send money or gifts, Marlboro Man wouldn't let me keep them. He's like that. .... but you are welcome to send a few e-cards or just leave a few comments!

Be Blessed Everyone.

~ by the way, I'm giving away a gorgeous Bali Silver and Vintage Rose Crystal Dangle-Bracelet/Watch that I just sat down and specially made. The person with the most comments to this post will be the winner. Midnight tomorrow night (Tuesday night - 3.18.08) and the time is up! So if you want it .... let's see how many different comments you can leave, and you can't copy and paste the same comment each time, or your comment can't just be a word. They have to be comments, and IF you have a blog ... you should share the love, and post a few lines and link it back to here. (you know me, just revving up the stat counter). Have fun everyone and I'll be commenting back to all your comments to keep it exciting! ~ DW


Times Up! It's midnight .... and the winner is: Bubbles (Kathy) with 76 comments. She and Becky had quite a race going there for awhile. Becky came in 2nd place with 43 comments. ... and because Becky was such a good sport ... she wins a bracelet too. How about a "Mommy" bracelet Becky? Please email me ladies for wrist sizes!

Congratulations and thanks for playing gals! It was fun! Soon you will own an original "FarmHouse Kids" sterling silver bracelet!