Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Formal Public Apology

When I got up this morning ... Meg was sitting here at my computer reading my blog. She'd been here for hours taking notes. (I forgot to tell you that I have extremely talented and highly educated three year olds) She ask for a formal written public apology from me, related to yesterday's post, and the fact that I embarrassed her and ruined her reputation.

She said that she absolutely is not a "bully" to her brothers, and she adamantly denied striking Jay. She says that picture was doctored up to incriminate her! .... I said, "uh-huh ... what about him covering his face and cowering down Missy?" Then she threw her little body on the floor and kicked and screamed for five minutes. But when she puckered her lips and pouted for about two hours, and refused to get dressed for pre-school this morning, I knew I had to do something! (I just love preschool)

Therefore, please take this as a public apology to Megan!

Okay Meg, you can quit gloating now .... you've been around those uppity Cows too long! Oh, one more thing ... I changed my password!

Be Blessed Everyone.