Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Girl

This sweet girl with braids and boots is strong willed. She is independent and can hold her own. She is Woman! The next generation. She will defend the sisterhood someday, and stand up straight and be heard. I want this girl child to always be equal. I want her to be a Christian woman and loving Mother. My wish for her is to be assertive, and to find her place in this world and leave a great mark. I want her to be strong of heart and soul. I want her go grow into a woman that is respected and loved ... and mostly I want her have a faith that runs so deep that no one can shatter it.

I want her to reason and be rational, and never take what's not hers. I want her to respect others and grieve for losses of the heart. I want her to always give more than she takes in life. I pray that she lives long and easy, that she has many years to give to others. I want her to share life, love and laughter with everyone that knows her. I want the world to remember her long after she's gone. I wish her great love in her life. My wish for her is real life.
I hope that she never raises her hand against mankind. I wish her calm and peace. I want her to have sweet dreams. I pray that life doesn't throw her a river of turbulence and strife. I wish only the very best for her in everything that she does. I hope that she sees life as a great gift and never finds those rose colored glasses. I want her to speak to God, and know him personally. I pray that she has a deep trust and values what she has been given.
I wish her complete happiness, and many accomplishments. I want her to dance and to fly, and encircle the world and never leave the ground. I want her to be free. Free from heartache and free from hurt. Although I know life throws us curves, I pray that she will handle them well and always come back stronger than she was. I wish her to be a Reflection of Grace.
These are my prayers for you Meggie. ... but for now, I really wish that you'd stop bullying your brothers. Jay had that tree first. You can't hit him and run. One of these days, he'll catch you, and I'll let him. Though I won't let him hurt you ... I will let him get the best of you, and teach you a few lessons. But I promise, when he's through with you ... I'll make sure that I wipe your tears and give you a hug.
You're just beginning your journey little girl .... may it be sweet with not many scraped knees along the way.
Be Blessed Everyone.