Monday, April 28, 2008

The Heartbeat of Motherhood

The gals over at "5 minutes for Mom" are having a contest. A photo contest, and the prize is a $1,000.00 gift card. Go enter! Click the logo on the sidebar to get there.

Do you have a picture, that as a Mom, it makes your heart beat just a little bit faster and catches your breath when you look at it? I do. I take so many pictures of my kids, it's hard to pick just one, but for today ... here is my newest favorite picture that makes my heart melt, and tells me that it is a wonderful thing .... being a Mother.

It's Megan and Kelcie. I was taking pictures of these two the other day, and without prompting, they just leaned over and kissed each other. It was a true Motherhood Moment for me!

As most of you know, Megan (on the right) is Kelcie's Aunt (on the left). My first Grandchild, Kelcie, was born two months before my triplets were born.

It was a Motherhood experience to be pregnant at the same time as my daughter Juli. We shared a lot together. We shopped a lot together, and in the end, we shared the joy together .... these two beautiful daughters that truly love one another.

When I look to the future and imagine their life in twenty-five years, I hope they are as close then as they are now .... and I hope they both are blessed and experience The Heartbeat of Motherhood together ... just as my daughter Juli and I did.

Not to leave the boys out ... this was just a girlie moment. We have those when Kelcie is here visiting! It's a girl thing you know!

Be Blessed.