Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Planting a Garden

This past Sunday afternoon was the beginning of our garden. Notice how I said the "we" word? Marlboro Man doesn't like it that I give myself credit when no credit is due. He says the garden is not a "we" project. I think that means that I don't do anything productive in the garden, and it's his garden. Not mine.

I think I'm very productive. I work very hard. I work so hard I sometimes lose my voice. It's hard work being a great gardener. I should know! Trust me! I have to yell at everyone, "hey ... look at me guys! Look at my camera!" ... and they won't. They ignore me, and I have to yell louder. Then sometimes I get really loud and jump up and down and wave my arms and say things like, "hey guys, look what I have ... ah-ah-ah, what a cute puppy," ... and they still won't look even when I try to trick them. They just think they're smarter than me.

Sam and Jay each had a pair of pliers and they were helping plant onions. I really don't know why Marlboro Man gave them pliers to plant a garden. Maybe it's a man thing. But he did. I think he thinks he's smarter than me too. But I know better.

Then I got to thinking about it .... he was just trying to entertain them. Keep them busy. Keep them from running two miles up the road, and away from him. That way he didn't have to chase them down. He thinks his noodle is always a step ahead of mine.

While the boys were standing there discussing the intelligence of their parents, and right before I took this picture, I ask them if they liked bubble gum. Then I said to them, "hey guys ... am I smarter than your Daddy?"

Jay answered first. He said, "If I tell you, can I have a piece of gum?" Of course I said, "oh yeah baby" ... then he rolled his eyes and said, "Give me the gum first." So I did. Then he said, "Mother, I know you're the smartest ... and the coolest too. Way cool. Way too cool. Me and Sam have a bet going on who has the highest IQ ... I'm betting on you Mom. Now can I have that other piece of gum?" I gave him two pieces.

Then I ask Sam if I was smarter than his Daddy. Sam is so slick. He won't lie. Not even for candy. He just nodded his head, winked twice, gave me a thumbs up and said the word "YES" in twelve different foreign languages. Then he held his hand straight out, and I gave him the whole dang bucket of gum.

I work hard. It's a hard job being me ... but somebody has to do it!

Be Blessed Everyone.