Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sandy Day

Today. Today was the first official day of farming season here on our farm. To me, being from town, and not from the country ... I'm not sure what they call it. I guess living out here smack in the middle of cow country, on a Dairy farm, it's farming season year round. But today was the first day that Marlboro Man started planting corn, and he was trying to beat the rain and didn't come home this evening. So, it has begun ... and today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was a good evening ... and a very sandy day.
Since I had to occupy these kiddo's by myself this evening ... I decided that we too would farm, and have a play date, all by our selves. We took plastic cups and we filled them with sand and carried them across the yard to the waiting farm trucks. We pretended that the sand was corn ... and we had to haul it to the field. This took lots of time ... and that was the key. Time.

We drove the trucks to the opposite end of the yard and dumped the sand in a pile. No one threw the sand ... and everyone had a job to do, and they did it. I was pretty serious about hauling this sand and they too got real serious. I couldn't help from smiling to myself several times because kids are so gullible and innocent ... but it was all in love. Well, maybe a little bit of desperation since I was out numbered.
Tomorrow we're going to make circles and designs in the wheat field and tell Marlboro Man that a alien did it, and Wednesday we're going to open the gates and let the baby calves out so we can play with them. Then Thursday we're going to play in the cotton seed and scatter it everywhere! ... and Friday, well on Friday, I'm going to strap the kids to the back of the seat on the tractor and run as fast as I can. Do you think he'll notice?
Be Blessed Everyone.