Monday, June 30, 2008

ABC & G - 4 times the Fun

Another peek in the wheat field! A week ago I got to play with these little guys .... yes, I'm still in that same wheat field! These boys were great sports and so full of oneriness! They have great personalities and just cut up and laughed so much! Their hamming it up made the pictures even better!

These little fellows are four months younger than my little kiddo's and some day they'll be in the same class at school. Oh my, that teacher will have her hands full with quadruplets and triplets in the same class! I can just imagine how busy she will be!

Thanks Jody and Kathy for bringing the boys out ... it was fun and we got some really great shots to boot!

Tonight I'll be doing another triplet family out here on the farm! You'll get a sneak peek of them tomorrow! They're real cuties too!

I'm so desperate to keep that wheat, Marlboro Man agreed to keep the northwest corner for me ... whew!

Be Blessed Everyone.