Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures in the Park

After a not so good Saturday (no electricity from Friday evening to Saturday evening) we had a good Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with my wonderful photographer friend Peggy, in her beautiful town park. We were on a mission to get some good pictures of these kiddo's. It's hard for me to get them all together, facing me, without running away. After all, I'm the Mommy.

Peggy did a great job of snapping just the right expressions. I did a great job of story-telling and pecking out tall tales to keep them sitting while she took their pictures.

Meg of course, and Jay, after he warmed up a bit started loving it. Sam, on the other hand, needed Pretzels and Orange pop, TLC and lots of coaxing. But like a trooper ... he came through! I'm proud of you Sam!

Through the drizzle and spurts of sunshine, they turned out just wonderful. Peggy has lots more to send my way and I can't wait to get them. Thank you Peggy!

Be Blessed Everyone.