Monday, June 23, 2008

Country Babies

Breathtakingly cute huh? Sunday evening I met our niece Amanda in the wheat field to have a little photo session with Livia. Liv hammed it up and had a great ole time until almost dark.

Not only have I been shooting my very own FarmHouse Kids in the wheat, I've been busy shooting a few others in the wheat field as well. Friday evening I photographed a little set of quadruplet boys. They were the cutest little boogers. The cutest picture of all was when all four boys stuck their fingers in their nose and had a good ole time laughing. It sure loosened them up and got them in the mood for picture taking. I'll make sure to ask their Mother to post a few pictures on her blog. You'll be able to see them right here when she gets them up. YagerQuads.

... and talk about multiples, tomorrow evening there will be five little heads popping up in the wheat. You can see them right here in a couple of days. I'm sure their Mother will be posting a few sneak peeks right away, just as soon as I get them edited and emailed to her. The Wright Quintuplets. Right Emily???

Wednesday morning the wheat will be long gone! It's time to cut it, bale it and make way for planting beans. Marlboro Man said my time is up!

Be Blessed Everyone.