Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Child Labor

I think farm kids are exempt from child labor laws. So we decided to let them have a go at cleaning out the barn. Well, not exactly cleaning out the whole barn .... just the cow poop that runs out of the barn.

I'm going to have to talk to Marlboro Man about having the ground leveled there so it runs back in. I don't think he'll go for it, but it's worth a try. He's the kind of person that thinks ... well, it's been running out of that barn for 200 years .... why change it now?
So we opened the garage door and started throwing shovels and rakes and hoes out in the yard. Then we grabbed a couple of lawn chairs so we could sit and watch them work. These kids are smart kids .... they knew exactly what to do! They each grabbed their favorite tool and got to work. We didn't even have to tell them that it was cow poop. After all, it's laid there in the sun and dried real good ... and for all they know, it's just dirt. Special Dirt!

Even the Princess got in on the action ... and she never gets dirty. Never. Ever. It's against all her rules as a woman child.
Then she even picked up the dried piles and started picking out the pretty rocks that were embedded in it.
Then, I couldn't stand it anymore! My daughter. The self-acclaimed princess of the farm picking apart cow patties! Ewwwww!
"Hey Princess! That's cow poop you got there in your hand!"

"Hey Meg! Drop it! It's gross! It's cow poop!"

"Hey Meggggg! No Meg! Don't put the rocks in your pockets ... it's cow poop!"

"Oh Meg! I thought you were my Princess! Ewwwww! Gag! Spit! Spit! Gag!"

"No Meg! Don't put the rocks in your mouth!"

Okay .... this isn't cute anymore! No more child labor on this farm!

"Marlboro Man ... you're going to have to do this yourself. Me and Meg are going shopping!"