Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hay Day

Yesterday morning as I drove down the road while taking the Little's to preschool, I saw the most glorious sight. One of our wheat fields had been baled. There were bales everywhere. For as far as I could see, and all I could think about was how much fun would the Little's have running and playing in that field. I'd imagined a great Kodak moment!
So yesterday evening when I picked them up, I found the opening to that field and drove up along the edge. I unstrapped them from their car seats, and one at a time stood each of them down in the wheat stubble.
I had great visions of taking awesome pictures of them on those beautiful golden bales. By the time I got my camera out and focused ... they were gone!They darted back and forth across the field and kept on running until they were completely out of my sight. Not once did they slow down or listen to me yelling at them. They were moving on like a freight train on a mission, and they were ... long gone.
So I did what any short chubby out of breath Mother of fifty-one would do that was wearing flimsy old flip flops in a wheat field ... I got in my car and drove to the other end of the field.
When I caught up with them, I just kept right on driving ... right on past them. (You gotta outsmart kids these days, and use reverse psychology). I made them think I was leaving them, and it worked like a charm. They started chasing me!
When I finally caught my breath and got them all strapped in again ... I made out like a race car driver in my little Toyota and we darted in and out of the hay bales, then drove circles in the field for twenty minutes with the windows down, while we sang .... "If you're happy and you know it ... "
If you can't beat 'em .... you just join 'em! But you don't wear flip-flops in a wheat field!
Be Blessed Everyone!