Sunday, June 15, 2008

Will You Marry Me?

Last night Joey ask Mariah to marry him. I haven't heard the details yet and knew better than to call and ask, but I know he did it, because he told me he was going to, and told me where and how. This is the big secret that I posted a couple of weeks ago!~ Now I can tell it!

Joey had called me and told me he was going to ask her and he ask me if I would help him pick out her ring. I was so honored to think that he would ask me to do that. The sentimental part of me thought that was the sweetest thing ... to ask the woman that he loves so much, to help him do something so important for the other woman that he loves as well. I am so proud to be Joey's Mother.

Mariah's ring is so beautiful. It's style is antique and the center diamond is princess cut. While we were looking, Joey kept saying to me, "she deserves so much more" ... then he found the one. The perfect one that she deserved. Mariah will have two thin wedding bands ... one on each side of her engagement ring. I haven't ask Joey this yet ... but I'd like one to be from him and God, and the other to be from me. One to symbolize their unity .. and the other to tie this new Mother-Daughter relationship that is meant to be.

The plan was to take Mariah to a really nice restaurant, the FishBone Grill, then on their way to take Mariah back home last night, Joey was going to drive between the lakes near her house ... and under the stars, he was going to ask her to marry him.

I can just picture it in my mind ... this romantic kid of mine proposing to this wonderful young woman, on his knee out in the wide open, with the water glistening from the moonlight, and God looking down and nodding his head ... that this is right.

If only I could have been there with my camera to capture that moment! Mariah's Mother is just as excited as I have been. We've been "talking" and waiting, and now it's happened.

Mariah?? We're waiting to hear from you!

Be Blessed Everyone.