Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The wheat is drying fast and it won't be here next week. I've waited for a year to get pictures in the wheat field ... and this evening we did it. There are so many great shots I can't even begin to edit them, but then, I can't 'not' edit them either. So that will be my weekend mission, then I'll post my favorites. Trust me ... they are good!

For a year I've planned to take that rocking chair out in a wheat field. It belonged to their Grandmother and possibly her Mother. I know she used to rock her babies in that chair ... oh how I wish she was here to rock my babies in that old chair.

The kids had a great time. The "neighbors" (aka known as Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet) walked down the road and met up with us to help keep the Little's from running a country mile to the other end of the field.

It was the golden hour for picture taking and a perfect time to tell another story in their life. I have to say, I love living out here in the middle of cow land and raising these kids ... and I love seeing their life unfold through my camera's eye.

Be Blessed Everyone.