Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cow Feed and Kids

This evening we had visitors. The neighbor and her daughter, and her daughter. Actually the neighbor is my wonderful sister-in-law, who walked up our road with Amanda (PhotoChick) and Liv, who came to play with the Little's.

The kids had a good time together, and as the neighbor and her girls were leaving, I looked around for the kids and found them here. They were jumping in the cow feed and throwing it everywhere. Well, actually Meg was, and I lifted the boys in so they could join in the fun. It's my job to make sure they have equal rights! There's no favoritism around this farm! No Sirree!

Amanda was kind enough to run back and snap a few pictures for me since my camera was in the house and someone had to make sure they didn't bury each other in ground corn feed. Thanks Amanda!

Now, we have to keep this to ourselves, because we certainly don't want Uncle Don or Marlboro Man to see the mess they made in there, or how much corn made it to the floor! But look at how much fun they had! So we'll just pretend that we don't have a clue what happened in that little building.

I just love these corn covered kids and the shanigans they come up with!

Be Blessed Everyone.