Thursday, July 3, 2008

Farm Kids!

More kids in the wheat. This time it is another set of triplets. These little kiddo's are 17 months old and cute as buttons. Miss Ali was very much in charge of driving the other two around. I do believe that she is the boss of this little trio. Little Miss Emma and Mr. Nate were happy campers for the most part. This was at the end of our session and they were getting to pooped to pop. They all did so good for their first trip to the farm! Even with the combine chopping the wheat around us! Talk about cutting it close!

The wheat is now all gone ... even my little patch in the corner, but it will be back next year ,and hopefully I'll get to have more fun with my camera and all these little triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets that have been out here over the past couple of weeks.

Thanks Stacey and Donnie for bringing the kiddo's out. Your babies are beautiful and so much fun to play with!

Oh Stacey, sorry about all the chiggers you picked up out here! ... but wasn't it worth it???