Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weddin Belles for Laura Belle

Meg's best friend just went and got herself engaged tonight. Yep, she's getting hitched next July, and will be leaving our neck of the woods and moving to the city with her firefighter guy Michael.
Meg's best friend is our niece Laura who lives down the road. Laura french braids Meg's hair and paints her fingernails and toes all the time. Meg loves her "Lawer." She draws out her name like Laura is a southern belle. In Meg's eyes, she is ... and she loves Laura very much.
Way to go Laura! So why are you up and doing something like going and getting married and leaving Meg high and dry, with only boys to hang out with? Who's going to paint her toes? (just kidding)
Congratulations Laura and Michael ... we really think it's wonderful and can't wait for the hitchin' next year! The picture of your ring turned out really good for a cell phone shot in a dark car! I can't wait to see the real thing tomorrow!