Thursday, July 17, 2008

A perfect world ... is a boy and his Dog

Yesterday evening the kids ran to the garden to pick a few cucumbers, but Sam got sidetracked by his dog Sam the Boxer. He sat down under the tree with her and scooted as close as he could get and laid his little head on her and gave her all his love.

Sam the Boxer loves attention, and especially attention from our little Sammy. Sam the Boxer is getting old, and was here on this farm a good several years before I came, and long before these kiddo's were even thought of. So, it's a big change for her as well ... to have these kids growing up on her farm. But, she's adapted well, and loves these kids. She's a gentle old soul that loves the hugs and kisses that our Sammy gives to her.

Yes, it's a perfect world ... when a boy has a dog he loves.

Be Blessed Everyone.