Monday, July 28, 2008

Splish Splash

Yesterday evening the Little's went swimming in the local swimming hole down the road, aka the neighbors pool. At first they were apprehensive, but it didn't take long and they were jumping right in.

I have this phobia of them and water. Not that I don't want them to like water and have fun swimming and playing ... but we have a pond right at the edge of our yard and I want to instill in them that they can NEVER get in the water without a life jacket.
Their Dad is even worse than me with the life jacket thing, which surprises me greatly. Usually he is more lax, but because of kids and farm ponds you can't take chances.
This is a different life than raising kids one at a time. I know ... because I've been there, done that with stair-steps, and there is nothing like three peas in a pod, who take every opportunity to make chances of conniving up ideas together! There's not a tattler when all three join in on the fun!
So we have to be safe and do everything we can to protect them, not only in a well supervised pool, but for the opportunities that might arise when their little minds are clicking.