Sunday, July 27, 2008

~ Spoof ~

You know, there are times that someone needs to literally kick my butt and twist my head in circles to knock some sense into me .... like the other day when I picked a skinny young cat up on the road.

This cat appeared homeless. He/She was standing on the side of the road meowing for all he was worth. Marlboro Man said he was just hitch-hiking and I was the sucker that stopped!

So I put the cat in my van ... took it out to daycare with me to pick up the kids and tried to pull a slick one. I nonchalantly said, "there's a kitten at the door meowing." Every adult in the building sighed and said, "that's just wonderful .... another cat dumped off here." I felt the heat crawling up my neck, so I put the cat back in my van and pretended that I was going to find it a home. I wasn't about to confess that I dumped the cat at the door just about three minutes before!

So the cat takes a ride with me and the kids to a Nursing Home several miles away so I can check on a IV that I had to pull for pharmacy. Being the good nurturing Mother that I am ... I'm thinking that dang cat is starving and needs something to eat. I grabbed a little container of ice cream and thought it would eat it. Well, it did! The whole container! The whole container of Chocolate Ice Cream.

When we got home, Mr. Marlboro Man was none too happy with me. His first statement brought reality schreeching home .... "if you put that cat outside, the dogs will kill it instantly, and you can't keep it in here, so what'ya going to do with it?"

I'll tell you what I did with it .... for three days I've cleaned up liquid cat poop (thanks to the chocolate ice cream) on the enclosed back porch and listened to it cry and claw at the door to get in. Never again will I bring home a homeless cat.

This morning "Spoof" got a new home ... Juli came over and I sweet talked her into taking the sweet little kitty home to Kelcie. When she said that she'd take it ... I cut holes in a big cracker box, put the cute little thing in there and taped it shut. I put the box in Juli's arms and shoved her out the back door and locked it behind her! (Not really, but I wanted to.)

Spoof is now Sassy ... and Sassy is now loved! Thank you Lord for bringing Juli here this morning!