Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Farmers and the Fair ~ A Story

The farmer had had a busy day. The heat was exhausting and beared down on him all day as he worked in the Hay fields. Time was always against him during Hay season. One hundred degree weather and not enough hours in the day took it's tole. But he had a plan, and he worked hard and worked as fast as he could to get finished. He still had cows to milk, but in a few hours he would be finished, and another hot day would be under his belt.

He had plans for that night. He was going to take his family to the county fair. The Little's couldn't possibly have remembered going the year before, but this year they were excited and had talked about it all day. They wanted to see the tractors and see the animals. They just wanted to go. After a spit bath in the car and a change of their shirts, they were ready.

It was late when they got there, and the sounds of the fair loomed off in the distance. The lights from the Ferris wheel lit up the night like a party in the sky. The whole county had turned out for a Friday night fair. The grandstand was full, and the tractor pull was in full swing. The Carnies were luring them in with their colorful trinkets while the kids stood in awe in front of their stands.

They wandered over to the livestock barns to see the cows. There's something about living in a small place, where you know everyone, and everyone knows you. Farmer's stick together at the fair. It's always been that way ....

Sam, Jay and Meg were so excited when we got there. We parked at the front entrance so they could see the Life-Vac helicopter first. I was so surprised because they actually wanted to ride in it. Whoa! I think not!!!

It really was exciting to watch the kid's faces as we walked closer to the crowds and the noise. They were so excited to ride the Merry-Go-Round, so we did it twice in a row and that was the end of their rides. They'd only go if we could go with them, and that in itself pretty much ruled out what they could do, and what we'd fit in. Plus, the fact that tickets were 1.75 each and we needed 5 tickets for every ride.

Then we visited the cows. (Like we don't see cows everyday) Then the pigs. Sam petted every pig in the barn. One by one. By the time we moved on to the rabbits and chickens, my kids were not smelling too good! But, we'd made it to the county fair ... and these farmhouse kids are still talking about it!

On another note, you thought you were going to get a big ole romantic story about Marlboro Man and The Dairy Wife didn't you? Well, I fooled you this time .... I was just doodling in my head, and made that first part up! But the guy does work hard, and I do feel sorry for him in this heat. I offer everyday for him to wear short pants, come in and sit with me in the air conditioning, drink tea and take naps, but he won't do it .... nope, because he's a Farmer!!!

Be Blessed Everyone.