Thursday, July 24, 2008

You're My Best Friend

Tonight we went down the road to the neighbor's house to a jewelry party. Just for girls. The neighbor's daughter is Meg's best friend and best playmate, and she was the hostess.

Wanna play Tootsie best friend??? My little girl loves her best friend very much. Her best friend has been very involved since Meg was born. In fact, she was there when Meg was born, and will be here for many years to come.
About a week ago we realized that Meg's new dress was almost just like her best friend's dress, and of course we love to play dress up.
So this evening, Meg's bestest friend changed her clothes and out the door they went to have a little photo session with Amanda. Amanda played photographer and I played editor after I swiped her SD card :), and we ended up with some pretty amazing images to print for the girls.
This best friend is getting married next year and Meg will get to be in her wedding. We're practicing already! We're going to miss you out here on the farm Laura! Make sure you come back often so we can play some more. It's a girl thing you know, and we are the girls!
Thanks Laura for being Meg's best friend and cousin, and for giving her someone wonderful to look up to for the rest of her life! Mainly, thanks for taking the time to always play!