Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fingerprints of God "Winner"

This morning while Marlboro Man and I were putting up the entire north forty acres of sweet corn that he planted .... well, it seemed like it anyway .... I said to him, "Hey MM, what's your favorite number?"

He said, "Are your trying to trick me into something?"

"No Way Man" I said to him ... "I just want to know what your favorite number is."

Then he said, "does this have something to do with all this corn?"

"Nope" I told him ... "I just need to know ... what's your favorite number between 1 and 21."

So he told me. He said, "I know you're trying to trick me somehow, so I'm keeping it low." Now what the heck does that mean. I've never tricked him in my life. Well, maybe just once I did ... I delivered triplets instead of just one baby a few years back ... and he's still in shock. But he forgave me a long time ago.

Then he said it. NINE. Number NINE ... you're the winner. It's Amy!

Here's her comment why she comes here:

I started coming to your blog when I learned about you from Emily and Stacey. I had been wanting babies since I was married and unable to have any. I was searching for an answer and found comfort in "surrounding" myself in different ways, with those who had "beat the odds." Your blog was one that kept me laughing and hoping. Little did I know that God was answering my prayer in his time and way. He has handed me the baby of my dreams. She may not be of my flesh, but she is of my heart. Talk about the finger print of God!Amy 08.07.08 - 9:30 pm #

Now, on a serious note. I was really touched to read all the comments about why you keep coming back here. Thank you all so much for the kind words and for the lift you give me.

I do write from my heart ... sometimes a little too much and sometimes a little too deep, but I'm sincere in my love for my family and God.

Now Amy ... I think I know who you are ... and if I'm right, you live pretty close to me. Although I haven't met you ... I know your story, and you're right ... God handed you a perfect gift handmade by him ... and he did it his way. You're a blessed woman Amy. Doesn't it just feel so good?

If you're the Amy I'm thinking of ... you can email me a picture you would like to have edited into a portrait ... or you can set up an appointment with me to photograph your little darling, free of charge! Call me at 812.459.4774 when it's good for you.

Thanks for reading everyone ... and to everyone that had not commented before ... it's good to meet you!

Be Blessed Everyone.