Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coons, Corn and the Neighbors

Bright and early this morning, and yesterday morning too ... Marlboro Man, aka The Milk Man, brought home tons and tons of these things. Secretly I was hoping that the coons had had a great feast ... but MM nipped that in the bud when he put a electric fence around the sweet corn patch.
Not only did he nip them in the bud .... but he probably zapped, fried and splattered the fuzzy critters. He nonchalantly told me this morning that he had a 50-mile fence charger on it, and "he got em good." That's kind of "animal cruelty" don't you think? Poor little things were only looking for food. I think he should at least have given them a little bit.

Zilch! They got none ... He brought it all home to me. ... and after cleaning, boiling, cutting, bagging and freezing almost 60 full to the rim quarts of corn ... I'm pooped!
I do have to say thanks to The Neighbor who came yesterday and diligently worked her fingers to the bone and helped me tremendously. Today she helped even more ... she took Meg and Jay to church with them and kept them all day while MM and I put up corn. Sam, on the other hand, went to town with his Uncle Don and Aunt Bonnie (who are neighbors on the other side) and went shopping and out to eat! I don't have a clue what I'd do without my neighbors and all the times they help me out!
"Yoo Hoo Neighbors! .... I heard that my Green Beans are coming on again and the Tomatoes aren't too far behind."
"Hey! Hey Neighbors ... don't run! Hey! Get your fingers outta your ears! Yoo Hooooooo! Hey! Come back .... don't forget the kids!"