Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keep Mira Smiling

Mira. She's a 2.5 year old little ball of fire ... and she's a triplet. Mira has end stage renal failure and will be having a kidney transplant soon. She was born prematurely and had some serious problems at birth. Today she is a smart little girl with a whole world ahead of her ... and we are hoping that she receives two wonderful kidneys to make that happen for her.

Her Mother Sheryl is in my online triplet group, and over the past couple of years we've all watched Mira grow and heard her stories and have grown to love her.

There will be a fundraiser in Wisconsin for Mira soon and the Mom's in our group are helping out by painting this canvas for the upcoming auction.

We each have a square and we each have painted our message on the canvas. All of our kiddo's have signed it with their handprints. The picture above is Me and my Littles as it passed through here. It's exciting to see the progress as it goes from California, Nevada, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. We even have a square reserved for our Mom and kiddo's that are in South Africa. Our canvas is traveling around the United States with love from all of us ... and we all want to Keep Mira Smiling!

You can read about Mira at her website or leave a good wish at She's a cutie and we all hope she gets her new kidneys and a new way of life without pain or suffering. I'm not asking my readers to donate, just read about her and IF you want to donate .... follow your heart.

We Love you Mira!!! Keep on Smiling!!!