Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Ride

This is their "new ride." An all-terrain triple wide jogging stroller. Put it this way ... it's bigger than it looks and it won't fit through doorways and this sucker is a eye catcher! Just what we don't want! You should see it with the sun visor/canopy on it. I felt like it was as big as the cars that passed us on the road. Now I'm wondering if I'll need a license to push it ??!!

This is the second time we've tried it out since I've been so busy with Juli's wedding lately. I am amazed that it pushes so easy with two fingers ... and on a gravel road to boot! That might have something to do with the four man sized bicycle tires that are attached to it. I'm going to ask Marlboro Man if he'll strap a little gasoline engine on it for uphills.

My mission is to take the Littles for a walk every evening after work. My ultimate mission is to lose some weight before Winter! Then I'm passing this monstrosity on to The Holsey Triplets who are just the perfect size for it! Stacey was squealing with delight when I told her about the deal I got when I bought it, because she put in her dibs first to take it off my hands when my Littles soon outgrow it, and next Spring she'll be out and about strolling her babes around in it.

I paid "thirty dollars" for this because the lady who had it didn't know how to fold it down, and thought no one would ever buy it, because it takes a pick up truck to haul it around. She was so wrong .... only a triplet Mom knows those secrets ... ha~ It folds right in half and will fit in the back of our mini van perfectly! I just loves deals like this ... and it's in fantastic condition too.

So if you live close ... watch out because we're on the loose, and be careful because if I hit you ... it's likely to total your car!!!!