Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Storybook Wedding

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden named Juli Beth and she was beautiful and so happy. She gathered her closest friends and dressed them in the finest Chocolate and Lime garments that she could find .... and they set off for a wedding on a warm August day.

Together, they marched down the aisle towards the tall man that she had chosen to marry, and they prayed, and they gave their blessings to the man as he stood at the altar holding his small son.

The Bride walked towards him holding the hand of her small daughter, who was dressed like her Mother, in a beautiful white "mermaid" dress. Together they had dreamed of this day for so long, and they knew that he would make them happy, and their families would become one.

As the Groom kissed the Bride, everyone in the Kingdom rang their bells and wished the couple a joyous and bliss filled life.

Then suddenly, as they were pronounced man and wife, the church came to life and music filled the air. The Bride and the Groom broke out in a dance, ... and they danced and they twirled ... and together they skipped down the aisle to the tune of "Walking on Sunshine." ... and the crowd cheered, and laughter broke out, and God beamed down at the couple that he had blessed ... and he gave a nod that all would be well in their life.

The Mother of the Bride (that would be "Me") who stood at the arm of the Groom, winked up at the Heavens and said a small prayer to her God, "that he had answered her prayers and sent a man to make her Daughter happy, and that the wedding was over and they both had survived, and her Daughter would be allowed to live, and she wouldn't have to kill her or pull her hair out or do her bodily harm."

... and she heard her God chuckle and he whispered so that only she could hear .... "it's time to start over and do this again, because Joey and Mariah are getting married next July 18th!" ... and the Mother of the Bride fanned herself and slowly fainted away! (God has a great sense of humor doesn't he?)

The End.

(by the way, I was blessed to be the Mother of the Bride and the portrait photographer at my daughter's wedding .... so let's hear some cheers for these gorgeous pictures!!! My daughter in law and my daughter in law to be filled in for me when I had to be in a picture .... I loved it!)