Friday, September 19, 2008

First Breaths Birth Photography

"For where your heart is, there your treasure shall be also."
I witnessed a true miracle this evening. The birth of this beautiful foot, along with five others just like it ...

I photographed the birth of a beautiful set of triplets and witnessed them taking their first breath. I caught the most glorious images that you can ever imagine. I heard their first cries, and I saw their life begin.

As a photographer, I feel so honored to be a part of this. As a Nurse, I am so humbled with each birth that I witness, and as a Mother, I am in such awe and still yet, it brings me to tears at the miracle that God performs. I have learned to never take a moment of my children's lives for granted, and I know I am so blessed.

God has been watching over these babies for a long time, and finally it was time for them to be born. ... and that they did. Healthy and perfect in every way. ... and yes, this was Mrs. A's babies. The second Mrs. A. I photographed the first Mrs. A's triplets three weeks ago, and they too are perfect beings of God.

Not only were these triplets born this evening .... but I'm launching my website this weekend for my birth photography business. My website and birth photog blog will be up and running late Sunday night, and after I have the chance to tweak the bugs, I'll post the links for you to check them out!

This is very exciting for me as I've been working on this for quite some time and finally I'm ready! I will only be accepting three births a month due to the extensive involvement that it entails, plus I want to have time to be a Mom to my own little Trio! With three little ones of my own, it's sometimes hard to run out the door with a 30 minute notice for emergency c-sections .... yikes!

Of course I will be continuing my FarmHouse Kids Photography with business as usual!

So what do you think of that perfect little foot? I want to know. Don't you just want to kiss that little tootsie? Pictures are deceiving ... because it really is a little bitty thing with the cutest little toes attached!