Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can You Remember?

This evening, well actually about five minutes ago, while I'm sitting here in the recliner (with my laptop) in The Little's Room (that's another story) trying to get them to sleep (instead of having a disco party) .... Sam, who takes after me and is a night owl, got up and was peeking over my shoulder, and he said,

"Where is my Brown Bear with the green on his neck? You got him out of the mailbox when you were on the lawnmower and you gave him to me. You gave Jay the gray one and Meg the white one. My took him with me to the Willis barn in the wagon when Kristina was here. She pulled us in the wagons down there. My was in the orange wagon with my Brown Bear. Where is he now?"

How can he remember all those details exactly? He's not yet four years old and that was months ago. I am so amazed every day with some of the things these kiddo's say and do.

So I started asking him questions, and here's our little conversation:

ME: Do you remember when you were born?

SAM: Yes, My was in the hospital. My Grandpa was holding me. (I just love how he says "my" instead of "I").

ME: Sam, your Grandpa was not holding you in the hospital. Only Mommy and Daddy was holding you when you were in the hospital.

Sam: No, my Grandpa was holding me. My Grandma was sitting in the chair. Then he made me Bob the Builder Movies.

ME: (this is very eerie) Sam, you can't remember that because you were only four weeks old.

SAM: My Grandpa did hold me when my was a baby in the hospital. Pappy Keith hold me. (that is my Dad who visited once)

ME: Do you remember what you were wearing?

SAM: I had on long pants and my boots.

Okay ... he just blew it! I was starting to believe him there for a minute.

ME: Sam you didn't wear long pants and boots when you were a baby in the hospital ... you were little bitty and we didn't have any long pants then, or boots.

SAM: Yes my did! (Emphatically) My weared my long pants and boots in the hospital and my had my green truck and trailer. My worked on my baler by the pond and my Daddy was driving my tractor in the corn field. Meg was in the house because she's a girl and she doesn't do work. She goes shopping. (the boy is just a bit confused there)

ME: Where was Jay?

SAM: Jay was in his bed in the hospital.

ME: Jay got to come home from the hospital a week before you.

SAM: No, my leaved the hospital to help my Daddy farm. Then my go back to the hospital to sleep in my bed.

ME: Did the Doctor say it was okay to leave the hospital and go farming when you were a baby?

SAM: He told me to wear my boots because it was cold outside. My weared my coat too.

ME: Okay Sam ... it's bedtime. Let's kiss goodnight. I love you Sammy.

SAM: Night Night Mommy. My love you. My love Jesus too. Jesus hold me when I was a baby in the hospital too.

ME: Yes Sammy, I know he did. He held you real tight and didn't let you go did he?

Goodnight Sam!