Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goats and Kids

Yesterday after we went to thank Aunt Dana and get a picture of her with The Littles after she had lunch with them ... we went on down the road to visit her Goats. We go visit her goats all the time ...and we never tell her what we do, or why her goats are getting so fat.

There are "tons" of goats that come up to the fence and start talking to us. They stick their heads through the fence and they stand up on the fence and they beg us, "please please give us more animal crackers." ... and we do. Lots more.

We feed them animal crackers until their bellies are bulging and they can't hardly walk anymore. We talk to them and tell them how pretty they are and we tell all the Mama goats that their babies are beautiful ... and they are so proud, and they eat right out of our hands.

Then the 'watch out goat' yells out, "run everyone ... hide! Here comes Dana!" .... and all the goats scatter and hide on the other side of the pond, except the 'watch out goat'. Then he says in his nicest gruffy voice, "heheheheheh ... they fall for that every stinking time ... dumb ole mama goats! Hey friends! Got any more of them there animal crackers good buddies?"

He thinks he's slick now don't he?

Be blessed everyone.