Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mousie and The Littles

How do you teach your children not to smash an innocent wolly worm or a harmless little bug outside because it too has a life, and we don't kill things?

Then you teach your kids to kill those cute little fluffy little mice that look up at you so pitifully when they're stuck on a sticky trap, and they're begging with those shiny beady eyes to please don't kill me ... please just let me go!? Just how do you explain that to a three year old that loves bugs, worms, snakes and all the creatures of the world.

How do you tell them that Daddy is going to take Mousie outside and put him out of his misery ... and Mommy's misery too?! How do you explain that they live on a farm surrounded by fields and Mice is a way of life here and a forever battle, and all Mice go to Heaven.

How do you explain that to three little kids that are standing around you so excitedly trying to see the cute little mouse that is squeaking in fear, that they have named Mousie, and want to feed it a hotdog? What do you do when they want to keep it in their room forever and they are already gathering up toys for it to play with and blankets for it to sleep on? How do you tell them that the little fascinating creature is a MOUSE ... and all Mice go to Heaven?!

Tell me .... how do you teach them that it's okay to kill one animal and not another? In their little eyes and heart they love him ... just like the kitties and calves over at the barn, and just like Sam's Bug.

I'm really stuck on this one because right now they are so engrossed with this little brown mouse and we're waiting for them to go to bed before Mousie goes to Heaven. Forever.

If only Mousie hadn't squeaked so loudly .... and if only the Littles hadn't heard him and, well, you know the rest of the story. If only ....

Poor Littles. Poor Mommy. Poor Mousie!!