Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Top of the World

Finally ... they turned around, and stood there, together, long enough for me to snap a picture of them! Then .... they were off! Off to play on the farm. Off to "walk" a calf, but instead the calf "walked" them. Off to play in the fresh silage. Off to dance on top of the world!
We're smack in the middle of harvest here. Harvest comes earlier than normal when you're a dairy farmer, and instead of the corn being combined for grain, we chop it. Well ... it's not really "WE" ... it's HE. But, since I'm the other half of him ... I'm taking credit. So, we chop the entire stalk while it's still green. There's a fine line there and a rush to "get-r-done." You have to make sure that the ear is full and juicy, but it's not too dry. ... and with little or no rain it dries faster than normal.

Our cows eat Silage as their main diet along with other things that have been added by their Nutritionist. Yes, they have their own Dietitian that tells us what to feed them. Isn't that like having your own personal barnyard chef?

My kiddo's are standing on top of the Silo and dancing and twirling and throwing the stuff into the air. They look as if they're almost even with the tops of the trees in the background. ... and they are! Geesh, I hope they don't fall off while I'm standing there taking their pictures. It's all about having a priority you know!
But it's okay ... they won't fall far because our silo is a "trench silo." It's all underground ... and really they're standing on a hill but still almost ground level. The silo is so full and heaped up right now, they can play on top of it until their Dad and Uncle catch them, and then boy, will they be in big trouble. ... and do you think I'm going to tell that I pushed them up there ... no way Jose!
These kid's are happy when they're visiting over at the main farm. Even though we have barns and cows practically right outside our back door ... it's not the same as when they visit the "milk cows" and "baby cows" or where all the tractors are parked, and where their Dad spends most of his working time.

This is Jay ... and his dazed "what the heck happened" look! This is what he looks like when he dances too close to the open end of the silo. This what he looked like when he slid about fifteen feet down the slope of the open end of the silo, and landed smack dab in the middle of the old silage.

Did I tell you that silage ferments and gets all slick and slimy ... and it stinks? It stinks R.E.A.L.L.Y bad!!!

Speaking of fermenting silage ... I wonder if the cows get a little bit tipsy when they eat it? Gonna have to ask MM about that, and I'll bet you $2,587,398.19 that he just grunts at me. He thinks I ask way too may farm questions!

Of course this is Megan ... and this picture doesn't have a darn thing to do with stinking Jay and the fermented silage ... it's just a picture of her sitting here looking cute and picking beans out of some flower pods we found!

Be Blessed Everyone!