Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Puddy Sunny Poo

This "Puddy Sunny Poo" came to our house today. First of all, she's a little baby Puddy ... so she didn't come to our house on her own. Chances are, since I live way out in the sticks and since she didn't arrive with a big bow around her neck, I know that The Neighbors did not gift us with her presence. But, anyway, she came. Here.
When I picked up the littles after work today, I told them that there was a surprise at our house waiting for them ... and the surpise was black and had four legs and was a baby girl. Yes, at first they thought it was a cow, but I quickly dismissed the idea of them rolling around in the barn with the calves today.
Sam was so excited, and who is always the quickest to reply said, "Is it a crocodile?" He just knew it was. He wanted to know if it had a rubber band around it's mouth so it wouldn't bite him. I think that trip to the Zoo a few weeks is still haunting him.
Jay on the other hand always puts some thought into his questions and answers. After he told Sam that Crocodiles don't come to our house because they have to live in the pond by the barn, not in our yard, then he asked, "Is it a big bird that will poop on us?" No Jay! You've never had a big bird poop on your head. "Yah Huh" he said, "Once time a long time ago, a big bird came down to where I was working on my tractor and my little boy got bird poop on him." Jay and Sam both have imaginary little boys these days ... little farm boys that work in their barns. Too Cute!!
Meg, being the little Mother and the practical one, said "Did you have a baby in your belly?" No Meg, I didn't have a little black four legged baby in my belly. Not today anyway.
Just as we were pulling into our driveway, I told them. It's a puppy. A baby girl puppy. They were so excited and instantly started jumping out (after undoing the carseats of course). I have never seen three kids so happy and so excited to see a puppy in my life. Of course, the puppy loved them too. The four of them rolled all over the yard in a tangled mass of legs and yelps and giggles.
Then I ask them what her name was. So between the three of them ... Puddy Sunny Poo got her name.
Now, to the stranger that drove the 4-wheeler by real slow today and dropped off this adorable long legged awkward cute little puppy, if you read my blog .. just let me say this to you, "It's not cool to dump puppies in the country just because you know some kids live there." Not cool at all.
So now we have to figure out what is to become of Puddy. We already have a Sam, Molly and a Katie ... and of course a few too many cows. Then we have to figure out what and how to tell the kids why Puddy isn't here tomorrow because I know MM thinks we're on overload with the three that we have now.
I'm wondering if the neighbors up the road a bit, the ones with six kids need a puppy .... No, I'm not going to take her there and dump her off ... but I am going to take her there when the kids are home and ask if they want her ... that's not cool either, but I'm between a rock and hard spot here. Maybe I should tie a big red ribbon on her neck and paint her toenails red and say, "Merry Christmas Neighbors!"
Oh Poo! What's one more dog??!!!