Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It couldn't have been more perfect!  Today we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house and all my 'littles' made it home.  This is the first real family picture of all of us together with our families.  I don't have a remote to my new camera, so I hit the timer and ran each time to get in the picture!  It was so funny ... and so much fun.  I only snapped six shots and prayed that one of them would have all of us looking at the camera ... and we did ... just once!  It's not entirely in focus ... but I love it and have already uploaded it to print a 10 x 20!

My entire mission for today was this picture.  Posed exactly like this in individual little groups, but yet all together.  I already had it planned out where everyone would be.  It was a little nippy and we all ran out in the field behind the house with my son-in-law Derek carrying the chair from upstairs.  He's that big dude in the middle!

From left to right, Josh is with his family, Amy, Carter and Luke.  Standing is Jared and Elissa ... then Joey and Mariah.  Juli is with Derek, Kelcie and Landen in the front on the ground ... and of course, Me ... Von and our little littles!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope yours will be as wonderful as mine was with my family today!