Sunday, November 16, 2008

Girl Time

This afternoon Meg finally decided to venture outside with the boys ... all decked out for a winter snow storm.  Actually this coat is an old one from my Brother's little girlies.  After seeing this picture I snapped I think I like it ... for pictures that is!

It's cold outside baby!  The boys bundled up and braved the chill and helped their Dad blow leaves and pick up sticks.  They had a big old fire going down by the barn!

Meg, on the other hand, wouldn't stick her precious little nose out the door until I mentioned pictures and modeling and twirling and such ... then she jumped into hyper-mode and out the door we went.  For two minutes!  Two!

Like the snow in the picture?   It's not real .... just photoshop!  But it's coming, and it will be way too soon for me!  I don't like the cold ....  brrrr!

Tonight I'll post a few pictures of the boys outside today!