Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've Lost It

I am old. Not saying that all old people don't have it going on anymore ... but I've definately gone and lost my technical capabilities. I used to be the "go to" person and the "in the know" person ... and now I'm floundering to find someone to go to that knows.
This morning .... well for the last few days actual, I've realized that I made a big mistake. I went and bought one of these new phones. I can't figure it out. I don't know how to make it ring. I have to carry it in my pocket so I can feel it vibrate. I don't know how to save numbers in it. I can't find anything ... and to top it off I somehow set the alarm to go off at 5:12AM every day. I found that out this morning bright and early.
Yesterday evening I went to Verizon to get some help. They offered me an online tutorial and ask if I've read the book. Yes, I've done both ... and now I want some personal upfront and close help in the form of a younger person that can simply show me the buttons! I walked out more confused than ever with a sack full of accessories for my new phone that I can't work. Figure that one out!???!
Oh well .... I have twenty-three days left to return my new toy and get me a sensible flip phone just like my old one. One with large buttons for my fifty year old eyes and one that rings loudly that I can hear over my screaming kids.
What's your opinion? Stick it out and learn it ... or return it?