Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Carpenter Problems

This post doesn't even warrant a picture .... it's way too upsetting and I love my blog way too much to subject it to this ordeal.

I posted last week about my new kitchen. Well .... it's at a standstill! Standing still without a wall, no running water and a big mess!

First of all .... Marlboro Man might be the hardest working man I know and he might look like Sam Elliott, but under all that sexism and that mustache is a man that I want to strangle right now. He took on this project against his will because he didn't see a thing wrong with how our kitchen was in the first place. I, on the other hand found fault in every square inch. The word "cracker box" doesn't do it justice.

So ... where did he go wrong? He hired the same carpenter man that helped him remodel this house a decade ago! They think alike! Put it this way, the sink cabinet that they built 15 years ago, the one made out of unmatched plywood with a thin coat of stain on it ... "wasn't broke, so why fix it" .... that kind of mentality!

It's just hard to cut them any slack when they took an old door and cut it off with a table saw because it was too tall. It's hard to give them a break when I came home one day a couple years ago and they fixed my doorknob problem with a rope! I just can't do it when I think about the time they screwed down the countertops "on top" here while back ... and when they told me that they were going to cut off the window trim with a jig saw so it would be flush ... well, I almost fainted right after my jaw hit the floor!

Anyway, the hired carpenter can't breathe and sits on a stool and tells MM what to do ... and they both cackle at their own inside jokes about me and figure out how to git-r-done! Needless to say, my git-r-done isn't on the same level as their git-r-done and this morning the hired carpenter decided that he won't be able to finish this project ... and my live-in carpenter isn't really a carpenter.

For me ... this is a good thing! Now MM is forced to hire a REAL carpenter and I'll be getting my new kitchen in no time flat. Done the right way! I'm in 7th Heaven! I've already called an expert and we're making plans as I type! With MM's approval of course.

Poor Butch! I hope he gets better soon ... but not before my kitchen is finished!